Tendency to decompose

I haven't checked the notifications or posted here in a while, and I'm hesitant to revisit my older posts for fear of embarrassment. It's okay though. - - - - - - - - -  i have a tendency to document which means collect . Which means to write and cut out and paste and… Continue reading Tendency to decompose

Spiritual Journey: Entry One

Spiritual Journey: Entry One Choronzon Wikipedia I have not done much research on "Choronzon" yet. But the essence of the idea is that "Choronzon" is a personnification of illusions and hallucinations that are false ideas of God. To become enlightened you have to make it through the Abyss, which is where Chronozon resides. People experience… Continue reading Spiritual Journey: Entry One

Music I recommend

Playlist  I'm going to continue adding songs to the list, but here are a few so far CocoRosie: Smokey Taboo Jaime Dolce's Innersole!: Space Captain Siouxsie and the Banshees: The Passenger Echo and the Bunnymen: The Killing Moon The Stone Roses: I Wanna Be Adored The Chameleons: In Shreds Alice Phoebe Lou: Bang Bang CocoRosie:… Continue reading Music I recommend


I wonder If I'll hear "I love you" after my first kiss Or if it's just another fleeting moment in time with no significance besides "first" I wonder if you'll love me If the kiss marks a beginning of something new and beautiful and lasting Or if it's just a careless pressing together of lips.… Continue reading fallen

Just a bunch of pictures of Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is a beautiful, smart and talented lady, and I'm a big fan of her. (Her new album Lust for Life came out yesterday- July 21- btw) Something I find very captivating about her is how she uses retro imagery and style, and it fits her so well. It's very inspiring IMO. She's definitely helped me get… Continue reading Just a bunch of pictures of Lana Del Rey